Monday, September 15, 2014

Moments | Come rain, come sunshine

D wears: Ghetto sweatshirt by Munsterkids / Alabama Mid-Blue denims by I Dig Denim / Jungle Backpack by Munsterkids / Beanie by Zoo York / Shoes by Puma.

What do you do when you have wanted to go to the skatepark all day and when you finally arrive it starts to rain? You go anyway... apparently :)

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Things I Love | Insta Crush

If you ever need some outfit inspiration for your little ones I can recommend the shop Fourmonkey's instagram page - @fourmonkeysandk. There Kinga shares her own styling of the wonderful labels she carries in her online shop, Fourmonkeys. You can also catch photos from behind the scenes and see the clothes in action on her cute daughter.

@fourmonkeysandk / fourmonkeys online store

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Moments | Freedom

D wears: Denim Jacket by Cotton on Kids / Paint Fight Long sleeve by Munster Kids / Pants by Soft Gallery / Shoes by Vans / Beanie by Zoo York.

Freedom is two wheels! I love taking this guy out on the bike and we get to do so much more because of it since we get to explore more. The other day we biked down to the bay, had breakfast by the baths, built sand creations and jumped from all the great sand dunes. Then we biked all the way to the North side and drove in puddles and climbed trees, and we even managed to squeeze in a ice cream break as well.  Then he insisted on biking all the way to his big sisters school for pick up so we went right ahead and that went just as well. We were both quite tired after that adventure on wheels, but it felt amazing. It is truly a new sense of freedom and you could tell by the smile on his face that day.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

PLAY | Stack And Scare!

How cool are these stack and scare monster blocks by Uncle Goose? Stack and create your own monsters with this 18 piece set.  Featuring scalloped dowels, scales, robotic diodes, monster heads, hands, feet, patterns and much more. Mix and match shapes or combine with other Stack And Scare sets to unleash endless creature combinations!

Comes in 4 different sets and  are sure to keep your little one (and yourself) entertained for hours.

Shop at:

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Moments | Welcome Spring!

M wears: Sunface Cassette dress by Minti / Shoes by Native / Sunglasses by Sons + Daughters. D wears: Face Cotton tee by Minti / Cut Off Stash shorts by Minti / Shoes by Native.

We woke up to a bedroom full of light, and giggling as someone was preparing something in the kitchen. It was Sunday and Father's Day, and my best guess was that M was up trying to arrange a breakfast for her Dad. I looked at the clock on the bedside table and it glared back tiredly at me saying 7.30. Ugh! Too early, and probably not a good time to surprise the heavy sleeping Dad with a breakfast ala 7 year old. I must have dozed off again because a few minutes later I woke up with a jolt only to find M staring at me from about 3 cm distance to my face. A concerned look was on her face and she whispered that the milk was out. I sleepily walked out into the kitchen to see a tray filled with all sorts of fridge left overs. Mmmm... mandarin mixed with olives,  a bowl of slightly soggy cereal, a plate with some ham spread across, a bowl of peanuts topped with two cheezles eyes, and a glass of orange juice. The pride beamed clearly on M's face and I didn't have the heart to tell her that perhaps this wasn't the most appetizing morning meal. Instead we snuggled up in the couch and waited for the time to approach a more reasonable waking hour for Dad. While we waited I put the coffee on, threw  some croissants in the oven and added it to the tray (the rest he would have to pretend to eat ;) 

The morning continued with a bed breakfast for Dad, some exciting Father's Day presents from the kids and a discussion on where we should celebrate the day, which were shaping up to be a really nice and sunny day. We decided to head to a little bay not too far from us, which we had found a week earlier. There we had found some lovely cliffs, amazing little beaches and wonderful green hills. We bought food to bring, packed a bottle of rosé wine and lemonade and off we went. It was such a good decision because we had wonderful day there. For the first time in many months the kids could wear summery clothes without being cold and it truly felt like Spring has arrived for real. To celebrate the warmer weather the kids jumped into their new summer gear from Minti. I couldn't resist these outfits from their latest collection which I found at Buckets and Spades, and it truly was the best Sunday outfit!

We can't wait to have many more sunny weekends and hopefully the warmer weather is here to stay... I hope all of you who celebrated Father's Day out there got a good chance to spoil the Dads and have some special family time as well, we sure did.

Monday, September 8, 2014

Brand Watch | 10 IS FW14 "Memories Of A Winter Cocoon"

One of our favourite shoe labels 10 IS has just released their new Fall / Winter 14 collection - "Memories Of A Winter Cocoon" Here is what they have to say about their latest creations.

"For this winter cocoon, 10 IS offers a timeless and refined collection with a special attention paid to colors and details. Blue velvet and red leather, materials and colors combinations are soft but also pronounced. Natural oily leathers have been carefully selected for their particular patina that will add character to a casual silhouette.

« Feather » printed hair leather or « black golden leopardino », exotic themes are also declined with fineness. The metal theme was also reworked and enriched. Wine, deep blue and piombo marbled leather come to join the silver and copper tones. 
To have a closer look at the collection visit their website for further photos and information. They also have a lovely blog which is full of inspiration so make sure to visit that while you are there.

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Moments | 5 Minutes

M wears: Sweatshirt by Bobo Choses / Denim dress by Nico.Nico / Stockings by Popupshop / Shoes by Vivobarefoot / Cap by Munsterkids D wears: Sweatshirt by molo / Jeans by Scotch Shrunk / Cap by Beau LOves / Shoes by Puma.

...At a great little playground. Big trees to climb in and fun slides. What more can you wish for?