Sunday, November 23, 2014

Moments | Weekend!

D wears: Top by Bobo Choses / Soho Shorts by I Dig Denim / Shoes by Natives.  
M wears: Top by Bobo Choses / Skirt by Mango Kids / Shoes by Minnetonka. Mum's bag by Beci Orpin.

Some photos from our Saturday. The weather forecast promised a hot day, but as we finally got outside it was still a nice breezy day with some fluffy clouds over our heads. Maybe the weather predictors were wrong? Who knows, it is Melbourne after all. Off we went and had lunch at local favorite and as we ate we realized it was getting hotter (after a quick shower of rain). By the time we were back in the car we decided it was best to head for a place that could give us some cooler winds and perhaps a chance to fly a kite.

There is a nice little calm spot in Kingston which is perfect for kite flying so we ended up walking down the lovely path and down to the beach. When we finally arrived everybody was so hot, there was not much plans on kites anymore. All that was on the agenda was to cool down. . Kids were laughing and splashing while the big people found a good spot in the shade to relax on. The temperature kept rising until it hit 32C. When the kids had enough of splashing, it was a quick fly with the kite and then it was time to head for home. We were all slightly knocked out by all the fresh air and sun, but definitely a good start to the weekend!

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Interior | Rafa Kids Toddler Room

RAFA kids collection of bedding, blankets, pillows and baskets for a child’s room is growing this season. Already being a big fan of their designer furniture for kids, this new range of bedding and room accessories fits perfect in their esthetic form language. I love their new storage baskets that are perfect for stray toys, and their soft linen pillowcases looks great to rest a tired head on.

The big stuffed snake can be a perfect bed dumper for younger kids or perhaps fold up for a quick cushion at a reading session.

Find more info and photos on their range at:


Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Moments | On the Boardwalk

D wears: Long gloved zip hoodie by Nununu / pants by Kukukid / Shoes by Puma. M wears: Chaya Dress by molo / Cat stockings by Stella McCartney / Shoes by 10 IS.

The weather keeps jumping from hot to cool, depending on where the wind comes from. It doesn't mean you don't go out, you just throw on an extra layer and make the most of it. Here are a few photos from an afternoon stroll down on the St Kilda Boardwalk. A popular hangout for beach visitors, skaters, even horse riders! In between the long beach, you can find plenty of restaurants, sport equipment hiring, a sea bath and playgrounds. We don't normally venture here so it was fun to take the kids to a place they haven't seen in a while.

It is just on the other side of the main road to the amusement park Luna Park which we visited the weekend before. Then it was almost 30C and a bit different to this days 15C. When the wind was too strong we sneaked into a nice little take away place and shared some chilli dogs, a perfect end to a nice day in the fresh sea air.

Friday, November 14, 2014

Moments | A Day of Indulgence

D wears: Spiked Superhero Hoodie by Beau LOves / Newark Jeans by I Dig Denim / Shoes by Converse.

We are lucky to have two big vegetable/fruit lovers in our kids and healthy eating is something we try and focus on as a family. With that said every now and then we allow for a day of indulgence and the other day was one of those days. My boy's favourite hamburger place is The Royal Brothers and their little kids burger The Pony Boy. It is the perfect size for kids and I have joined him in having one a couple of times and I can see why he has named it the aaaamaaazing burger. The milk bun burgers are one tasty treat and they have been voted the best burgers in Melbourne on several occasions.

We ended our afternoon on the best playground around....the beach! And manged to squeeze in an ice cream and heaps of play before the sun started to go down. Guess if we were exhausted after that day!?

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Interior | Bedroom Details

It seems to become a lot about fashion on the blog lately so I thought I would share a few details from our bedroom. When we moved into our small but cozy house, we quickly gave the big master bedroom to the kids to share. Us parents moved into the smaller one and I have to admit it was the last room to get some love and attention. It took a while but we finally got it to where we wanted with a focus on a graphic punch and neutral tones where you can come in and relax and hopefully get inspired. Both my husband and myself are working in the visual field so it felt important to keep it stimulating but fun. Luckily the room has plenty of natural light so it is easy to feel recharged after a few moments in here (I find myself sneaking in more often to get a break or just read a nice magazine or book).

Shop the interior here:
Mima Posters // Life Modern Bedlinnen // Hooks from Hk Living // Blanket by Mini Fellow // Bedside table by Anna Castelli // AJ lamp // Glass terrarium // Coat Rack //