Friday, January 25, 2013

Moments | Friday Details

D wears: Thermal leggings by American Apparel // Raglan long sleeve by Mini & Maximus // Hoodie by American Apparel // Shoes by Converse // Beanie by Vans // Necklace is home made from summer beach adventures.

Friday at last, and slap a long weekend on that (with Australia Day = public holiday) and a big smile is across our faces. That means, BBQ, firework and an extra day to kick back on... a good recipe for a good weekend! LOVE. Happy Friday out there!!!


  1. BEAUTIFUL photos amazing actually. do you mind if I ask how you got that look to them?

    1. Johanna - Thank you very much. I use photoshop, and my own coloring techniques (will be a too long answer if I go into them in detail here) but you are welcome to email me on: and I can tell you there :)


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